Our Officers Have a Sense of Purpose

After reading a recent Forbes article on the new difficulty in attracting young top talent with only high wages and no purpose, I started thinking as to why our security officers consistently enjoy coming to work for us. And then it dawned on me: their "meaning and purpose," as stated by the Forbes article, is that they are actively bettering the community.

Throughout the past year, our armed security officers in Kansas City have rescued tied up personnel from an armed robbery (one of which was six months pregnant and the officer's actions definitely saved that baby's life), multiple school shooting threats, multiple bomb threats, prevented a stabbing, found and rescued a mentally disabled man that would have died during a recent snow storm, prevented several burglaries and car jackings, apprehended multiple drug dealers, and many many more incidences.

But it's not all just run and gun for them. After talking to many of the officers that stop by my office to chat, they also thoroughly enjoy the cameraderie and atmosphere that is present at the company. They enjoy visiting with residents at retirement home shifts and ensuring their safety. They enjoy preparing and partaking in company holiday parties and pot lucks. They love greeting clients and residents with a warm smile and a wave and knowing that for right now, during their watch, these people will be protected and safe.

Our officers are selfless and work hard. They're the kind of people I love being around, even outside of work. And it's this "others above yourself" attitude that so many Kansas Citians have that makes Kansas City an amazing city to live in, and this company a great place to work.

These security officers are the reason I work here. I enjoy knowing they're taken care of. They're good people. They work an honest living. They better the community. And I love being a part of that.

Private security is more than just a business. It's loving your city enough to want to protect it.

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