Security is About Saving Lives, not Just Shooting Bad Guys

I wanted to share this letter we received from the Overland Park Police Dept. One of our armed security officers encountered a man acting strangely and instead of responding aggressively, this officer figured out something was wrong and handled the situation appropriately, ultimately protecting this man's health if not saving his life.

Letter as follows:

Cpl. Michaels,

In the early morning hours of 1/90/2015, two of your Security Officers on patrol in Overland Park came across a male subject who was acting strangley. After quickly deciding that this male subject posed no threat to them, they quickly notified the Police Department due to his inability to communicate due to unknown means.

The male party they located is mentally challenged and is non-verbal in his communication. He is also a subject that leaves his home frequently and the Police Department must use considerable resources to locate him.

Your officers did a great job being aware of their post and saved the Police Department a lot of time and man power by choosing to not ignore this man. An hour or so after this incident, this person would have been reported missing and we would have had to search for him in worsening weather conditions. I appreciate your Officer's attentiveness to their duties.

It is important that Law Enforcement and security companies work together to provide for the safety of our citizens and your clients. this goes far in fostering those positive relationships. Please express to them my appreciation.

Michael Mosher

Police Officer

Public Safety

City of Overland Park

12400 Foster

Overland Park, KS 66213

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