Breaking News: Security Officer Helps Police Capture Murder Suspect

On Tuesday March 8, 2016 Officer Jamie Bogert was on a requested day off to attend to a personal civil court hearing in the St. Louis Metro area. Prior to leaving home that morning, Officer Bogert saw and heard the television newscast regarding the manhunt for the multiple murder suspect from KC, KS, including the possible suspect vehicle description and license plate. During her drive to St. Louis, Officer Bogert observed a red Dodge Pickup truck on the side of the road which she immediately believed to be the suspect vehicle. As they drew closer she confirmed the truck had a Kansas License plate, and she stopped.

She confirmed the license on the unoccupied truck was the same as from the media reports and called 911 to report the vehicle and its location. This was the report that alerted the Missouri Highway Patrol and local agencies, and they were on the scene of the vehicle when the fifth shooting was reported in that immediate area.

This is a shining example of Officer Bogert's keen observation instincts, initiative, team work, and her contribution to the coordinated team effort of the Homeland Security Protective Service staff to positively influence the safety of students, staff, and the community. She helped to focus the manhunt in the correct area much sooner than it might have otherwise.

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated individuals. The community is much safer because of her, and others like her that consistently put the safety of the community above their own.

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