To the Fallen

Our hearts break that yesterday a detective from the Kansas City, KS police department, Brad Lancaster, passed away in the line of duty. He was shot while investigating a car jacking.

“Our detective fought a good fight, but unfortunately he died from his injuries at approximately 3:30 p.m.,” Kansas City, Kan., Police Chief Terry Zeigler said in a tweet. “Thanks for the support & prayers.”

It was the first line of duty death of a Kansas City, KS police officer since 1998: 18 years. And the significance of that amount of time is that this death was an eye-opener. Sometimes we become complacent. We think that there's no way someone could die, especially someone we know. We trust in the safety measures in place to prevent that. That years of training and experience will prevent that. That having a good heart and building positive karma will prevent that.

And then this happens. And this man was loved. He had a family. He had two kids. He was known in the community. He was known in this company.

So this is our wake up call. Life is fleeting and short and can be gone at any minute and for any reason. So lead a good one. Love yourself and your family and friends and your community. Make time to give back to others. We can't control how we die. But we can control what we do from now until then. So make a positive impact on your community like Brad Lancaster did. Be loved and remembered. His death meant something to so many. His life changed those he met for the better.

Let him be a positive example and do the same. Love until your heart gives out. Motivate others to do the same. This is how you combat evil. This is why we do what we do. Not for glory. But because we love our community more than we fear death.

Our hats are off to Brad Lancaster and everything he stood for. Gone, but not forgotten.

--The Men and Women of HSPS

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