High Homicide Rate -- Look to Private Security Now

We here at Homeland Security Protective Service, one of the largest independent security companies in Kansas City, feel that our job isn't just to provide security, but also to inform citizens on current security news and trends and dangers. With that in mind, we decided to write this post in order to inform everyone of the growing danger in Kansas City before it's too late.

New Homicide Numbers Are The Highest in Years

This just in from Chief Forte on his blog, homicides are the highest they've been in the past four years. This, along with the attacks in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Missouri, and now, sadly, again, Kansas, show that, without a doubt, it is becoming increasingly dangerous for both citizens and police officers in Kansas City and nearby areas.

Reduction in Police Patrols

The recent attacks, along with this year's Kansas City Police Department budget cuts that I wrote about earlier this year, means that there will logically be less police patrols, increasing the danger to Kansas City citizens. The overt police patrol has been a staple of crime prevention since the beginning of the law enforcement profession. If I am a criminal and I see a police officer in my area, I am simply not going to commit a crime because I do not want to go to jail. With these patrols being decreased, the amount of crime is going to continue to rise.

Longer Response Times

This impact reaches beyond just the police presence patrols to prevent crime. It will also affect crimes in progress. With less officers, and the remaining officers on heightened alert, which will slow them down immensely as they move from call to call, will also mean increased response times to dispatched calls. We can tack on several minutes to the average response time to a dispatch call already.

If I am actively being robbed, am I okay with a response time that is minutes away? Absolutely not. While these numbers are not the police department's fault, it doesn't mean that I am going to put my trust in their protection when I can easily higher armed or unarmed private security as an extension to the police department, especially to protect my loved ones and property.

I'm not okay with gambling my safety, and that of my family's on whether the police department is having a slow enough night to attend to my emergency in a timely manner.

It's Time to Look to Private Security

With modern training, technology, and equipment, today's security guard is the most prepared they've ever been to prevent and stop crime. Don't wait until you're being robbed before you decide to hire security.

Don't let the criminals win. What you love is worth protecting.

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