Today's Dangers in Law Enforcement

With over 25 years of public safety experience and nearly 45 yrs old this January I am saddened and shocked more than ever with the pattern of assaults on law enforcement in america. Law enforcement has always been dangerous but now it is a whole new dynamic.

I believe that most people are kind and good. Some people protest for their opinion to be heard and to work for change. This is their right to peacefully do so.

There is a minority of suspects that assault law enforcement officers. However, their actions are very large. It appears to be a trend to harm and kill now. I wonder why there is an escalation of assaults this year? Is it the new culture to defy authority no matter what because everyone has a right to be heard or right to be right? Is it the thought that everyone is exempt from rules and regulations or complying with basic and reasonable commands of an investigating law enforcement officer? I'm not suggesting that all assaults and deaths have come from protesters because they have not. However, a disruptive community certainly adds fuel to the overall mindset, in my opinion. I do not have answers to these questions. I do know that we have a job to do.

In spite of national trends and the dangers of this occupation our members still come to work. We still have applicants waiting to be hired. We still do our job.

As an administrator I have implemented some basic provisions for our officers while we experience this dangerous trend of officer assaults (injury & death). Our most important task is to stay as safe as possible so that we can protect lives and property of others and return to our own families...

Again, I know that a majority of the people are good, decent and law enforcement supporters. While we do our job we keep this positive thought in the back of our minds while our priority is to protect ourselves. Nothing says we are suppose to sacrifice ourselves to danger, injury and death just because we wear a badge.

Our officers are courageous, faithful, dedicated, heroic and noble. Lets back our men and women who wear the badge no matter what type of law enforcement they do. Actually, everyone just might begin to mentally prepare for backing up your community law enforcement not only as a form of mental support but physically helping your fellow men and women if you ever find them in need during their enforcement efforts. It is the least anyone can do in my opinion. That officer would help you. Would you help that officer?

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